In the course of the Vienna City Marathon 2002, Claudia Nebel managed to integrate over 50.000 people in her work of art.

Measuring a total of 10x5 meters, her picture „Mythos Marathon“was spanned over half the famous Ringstraße, thus being moulded by 50.000 individual footprints.

The project found its successful continuation in 2003, at the 30th Real-Berlin Marathon.

Moving Creativity

This action is probably one of the best examples for the room that art takes in public space.

It is owed to the creativity and the engagement of the artist that this ambitioned project turned into such a success, thereby creating an open and direct contact with art for many people aside from the generic structures prevented by museums.

The integration of art into a public event of such an importance is a typical example for the groundbreaking creative work of the artist and the individual approach that is found in all her projects and operates far away from the generic art galleries.

Her work is greeted by intense public appeal, thus finding ever new target groups for art by lifting the mental barrier that often exists concerning intellectually elevated art and finally making an essential contribution to the public understanding of art.

The direct involvement of the participants consequently advances the creativity of the individual proponents which finally converge into a collective experience.

Alexander Khaelss-Khaelssberg

Bank Austria Kunstforum