Crossing Fashion Cuba
Workshop and Fashion-Show
For several years now, Rafael H. Méndez González of the Consejo Nacional de las Artes Plasticas has staged the project "Arte y Moda" in Cuba. The prime intention is to establish a dialogue between fashion designers and visual artists.

The project follows a long tradition.

A few examples from the past:

Paul Poiret & Gauguin, Chanel & Dali, Yves Saint Laurent & Piet Mondrian.

Each year the results are presented in a fashion show in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes of Havanna.

In cooperation with Arte y Moda, Crossing Fashion developed a project where Styrian and Cuban artists and designers worked together, focussing on contemporary art.

In September 2009, a two-week workshop took place in Graz-Reininghaus.

The results were presented on September 18th 2009 at a fashion-show in the former liquor-factory in Graz-Reininghaus.

In cooperation with the Akademie Graz, an exhibition was staged simultaneously to offer deeper insights into the works of Cuban and Styrian artists.

3 Cuban Designers  + 3 Styrian Arists
Laura Macías González + Claudia Nebel
Mario Freixas Morales + Alfred Resch
Sandra Edith de Huelbes Ocaña + Petra Sterry
3 Cuban Artists  + 6 Styrian Designers
Duvier del Dago Fernández+Anita Steinwidder (naughty)+Bettina Reichl (Odrowaz)
Ernesto Leal Basilio+Karin Wintscher Zinganel (Kay double U)+Yü-Dong Lin (ni-ly)
Hamlet Lavastida Cordovi+Alexandra Pötz (ap)+Barbara Koszednar (insinuating)
Music: Rainer Binder-Krieglstein
Film: Stefan Schmid
Pictures: Marco Rossi

Crossing Art_Cuba

The intention of "Crossing Art_Cuba" was to combine Styrian positions of art with the up-and-coming art-scene of Cuba.

The exhibition offered insights into the fascinating creations of Cuban shooting-stars such as

Duvier del Dago Fernández, Ernesto Leal Basilio und Hamlet Lavastida Cordovi.

The special aspect of "Crossing Art_Cuba" was the cross-national cooperation with Styrian visual artists that led to a cross-continental communication and artistic exchange.

The former electronics-factory in Graz-Reininghaus proved to be an atmospheric and productive venue for the objects exhibited.

This former production venue offered “Cuban flair“ in combination with impressing and lavish installations (especially by the artist Duvier del Dago Fernández)
"Crossing Art_Cuba" was arranged by the artists Markus (Max) and Martin Gansberger. Fashion-design and art are documented in a special catalogue.

3 Cuban Artists + 4 Styrian Artists

Alfred Resch
Claudia Nebel
Duvier del Dago Fernández
Ernesto Leal Basilio
Hamlet Lavastida Cordovi
Markus und Martin Gansberger
Petra Sterry